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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 1:37 pm
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My handle, "Bubbuh" means that the board admin mispelled "Bobbuh" when creating my account, which is my KoL character name that I applied with. I couldn't log in and, finally today, took a look at the Memberlist and noticed that even after receiving a confirmation e-mail with the correct spelling, I was listed spelled this way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining or anything, that's just what happened.

As for "Bobbuh", it was the name of my main EQ character back when I still played that... Bobbuh Ghanouj(since Baba was taken.)

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 7:17 pm
Gulbenkian RecidivistPosts: 508Location: Shillong, IndiaJoined: Fri Aug 06, 2004 6:26 am
Corrected. Blame my autofill.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 7:03 pm
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Well my is the two different skateboarding companies combined but I was told the wrong way to spell label, so I spelt it lable and the rest is history.
Seek skateboarding + Blacklabel Skateboarding + plus inability to spell= seekthelable.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 3:22 pm
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One time I was sick and my friend came over my house and said my skin was the color of an eggwhite, since then the name stuck.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:41 am
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Whoa, deja vu. From about ten posts ago.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 8:37 am
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Mine comes from that tired old 'Net email fwd that everyone's gotten at least know the ones that try and warn you about some deadly threat to your sanity....or health...anyway, i thought Laureth sounded too pretty to be a poison....thus, I am Laureth :)

Yes, it started like this.....
Importance: High

Check the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle, and see if they have this substance by the name of Sodium Laureth Sulfate or simply SLS.

This substance is found in most shampoo, the manufactures use it because it produces a lot of foam and it is cheap. BUT the fact is that SLS is used to scrub garage floors, and it is very strong.

It is also proven that it can cause cancer in the long run, and this is no joke." ~ link

~amore ergo sum~

Life is a magic vase filled to the brim, so made that you cannot dip from it nor draw from it; but it overflows into the hand that drops treasures into it. Drop in malice and it overflows hate; drop in charity and it overflows love. ~John Ruskin
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 3:34 am
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Hm, I should test out this "new" forum.

Here's how I figured out the name "blackbeltduck":

In some forums, I have bbd's story corner. You know where they are.

If you don't, here's a sample:

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 10:27 am
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blackbeltduck wrote:
Here's how I figured out the name "blackbeltduck":

BBD's page wrote:
As I sat in class, I thought to myself, "Why if I messed with the wrong duck. Why if I decided to try to kick the ass of a BLACKBELT DUCK." Thus the idea of "blackbeltduck" was born.

shouldn't both those "Why"'s be "What"'s?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 10:43 am
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It was a play on words from an old Rapper Kool Moe Dee.

I also had KolItNow and KolForKats

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 12:42 pm
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Boozerbear wrote:
shouldn't both those "Why"'s be "What"'s?

Herro, I no speak engrish so good, but I do differential equations real well.

I was also using the blade of typos.

Translation: Yes, I will eventually be embarrassed enough to go back and fix the bbd story. I did the entire story under 30 minutes with three highlighting crayons I found in my desk. I am not proud.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 1:11 pm
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my handle is from Asimov's wonderful <i>Foundation</i> series. I was reading through it again in college when I got addicted to net stuff, been using it ever since.

I answer to it in real life.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 2:48 pm
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I was playing Icewind Dale 2 last April, and my half-orc character was called Grimlock because his voice was like the Dinobot's. My friend on MSN gave me the link to KOL, and "Grimlock" was taken. Now I'm glad it was, since Faustus Pringle latched onto my name and I felt famous (:

Though some people keep asking if it's a Magic The Gathering thing, megrim lock. Presumably the ones who didn't grow up in the 80s.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 7:18 pm
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I still love your name, but Starscream would be cooler (It's too bad that most would assume the person is a goth or something).

Mine should be obvious, Greek Goddess of a bunch of stuff, most notably love and beauty.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:54 am
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megrimlock wrote:
Though some people keep asking if it's a Magic The Gathering thing, megrim lock. Presumably the ones who didn't grow up in the 80s.

Hey, I watched the program plenty =P I just play Magic regularly (and read Magic articles online every day) so it's a little closer to the top of my brain =P And your forum names don't have the capitalisation like your KoL name (megrimlock vs MeGrimlock - even I can work the second one out =P)

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 5:22 am
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I played magic for about six years, about three of it was at the "going to PTQ's every weekend" level. It just got to the point where I was gonna heve start practicing at least a couple hours a day to get any better, and I really couldn't do that and work where I was and stay sane. I really miss the game, but kol fills the place that that used to take up....

anyway, Im also a transformer nut... So I dont know where I fall on the megrimlock debate.

Are you sure you're not meggery?

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