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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 4:20 pm
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Yeah, I am trying to help Mr Magnifico get his trophy. He broke his trophy and got a rank of 190-ish...

He attacked me and eventually beat me on the third try, but got a flower ;-(

Moth was much luckier, and got a piece of toast of me with his first go.

And so was ElrondDB, back in the day ;-))

Looking at AliceCat's list it seems that some people might not have been as altruistic as they may seem:

Level 16 : Grun (stats are 200 / 150 / 250)
.Umbdass (mus - 233) (send toast)
.Betrayer (mys) (attack when dead man's watch is on)
.Juanita Cuervo (mus, mys)
Level 17 : PsychoPoP (wait until after rollover)
.pyre9 (will be lvl 18 soon - please check ahead of time before attacking)
.Flying Ninja (mys,mox)
.Elektra (mox) (msg first)
Level 18 : The_Eyeball_Kid - (send toast, attack when asshat is on)
Level 19 : halo505
.Gravy Spasm
DrJeckyl (mus,mys)
Level 20 : Xians (mus = 266)
.GreyArea (mus,mox)
.Lord Walrus
Level 21 :
Level 22 : GreasyMok (mus)
.masonjason (mus,mox)
.Hot Pasta (mus)
.AliceCat (mox)
Level 23 : Beatrix Kiddo (myst)
Level 24 : Grant (mox)
Level 25 : Charbroiled
.MaraxusOK (mus)
Level 26 : Inari (mus/mys)
.teenagelobotomy (attack moxie)
Level 27 : DaPunisher (msg first)
.VornVolken (mox) (do not attack if wearing Mr. A)
Level 28 : Demnos
Level 29 :
Level 30 : Logmo (msg first)
Level 31 : Firestorm ZERO (msg first)

Of course, I could be completely wrong...

Boozer... I have over 3000 pieces of toast, and I am more than willing to battle my way back up to the leaderboard to get into your range (if you end up with a high ranking)...

The toast is all yours... you just gotta come and get it ;-)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2005 10:57 am
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Boozer, I am on the leaderboard and I have a ton of toast. Let me know when you are interested and I'll make certain that all the other food is closeted. :lol:

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