The KoL Historians

Dotts (#332346)
Member: Aflubadubdub!
Dotts manages Coldfront, with such grace and ease that we highly suspect him to be inhuman.

Imp y Clelyn (#72767)
Member: Jellyfish Heaven
If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing Impy spin a tale, or visited his clan site, then you are missing out in life.

Mr Magnifico (#98085)
Member: The Rye
Beyond being the shiniest Man in the game, Mr. Mag has a great understanding of hardcore tricks and twists.

Pastaroni (#348804)
Member: Otori
Pastaroni brings the Kingdom The Strange Leaflet and a relentless drive for news and stories from our community at large.

SnarkOutQueen (#125453)
Member: Iocane Powder
A PvP force to be reckoned with. We'd also tell you she had a heart of gold, but she might hurt us.

Stargazer67 (#330043)
Member: Snap
Stargazer67 makes visiting the KoL forums a pleasure. Her posts are always interesting, thoughtful, and worth the time you spent reading them.

Vladjimir (#243023)
Member: The Rye
Smart and savvy KoL player who is also known for his Familiar Arena Guide.

Various members: Bete Noire, Blythe, DerZilla, Fnord7, Fujiko, Fusilliban, jarkkolives, Marshall, Mojomaiden, Synkronos, Tavernwench, & (of course) Trog Dor.

Zair (#88288)
Member: Noblesse Oblige
Don't know something? Ask Zair.