Warehouse 23 Wishing Well

Warehouse 23 Wishing Well by: TheItsyBitsySpider
There are 0 Wishes in the Well, waiting for Magic Wish-Granting Fairies to process them. Your patience is appreciated. (:
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  MAKE A WISH   Submissions are temporarily disabled while the wish fairies madly scamper to reduce the backlog. Your patience is appreciated.

Warehouse 23 Wishing Well is based on Pimonkey's Wishing Well
Thank you to Adali, Trogdor1337, TheItsyBitsySpider, Widowmaker, Cool_Josh, DejandVandar, Master Bates, Hotpasta, Patchesangel, SamBob182, UltraSuperGenius, Nog Lorp, Rutabega, Cardern, Tubby, zer0, Alecat, Mystical, HeyGurlfriend, Kitsune Tsuki, and Pimonkey for the graphics.