Warehouse 23 Wishing Well

Warehouse 23 Wishing Well by: DejandVandar
There are 0 Wishes in the Well, waiting for Magic Wish-Granting Fairies to process them. Your patience is appreciated. (:
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Warehouse 23 Wishing Well is based on Pimonkey's Wishing Well
Thank you to Adali, Trogdor1337, TheItsyBitsySpider, Widowmaker, Cool_Josh, DejandVandar, Master Bates, Hotpasta, Patchesangel, SamBob182, UltraSuperGenius, Nog Lorp, Rutabega, Cardern, Tubby, zer0, Alecat, Mystical, HeyGurlfriend, Kitsune Tsuki, and Pimonkey for the graphics.