History of Loathing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you people?

We are a collaboration of Warehouse 23 members and any other smart, amazing people we can steal from within the Kingdom to help the cause.

Why are you doing this?

Some of us are obsessed with the little details, some of us like to tell a story, and some of us are incurably nostalgic. One thing we all want is ensure that as much of our KoL is preserved as possible for future players.

I can read the updates in the game myself, right?

Sure you can. We have just flushed out those updates and announcements with comments and forum links to help people understand how KoL has progressed.

I read this one update and you were wrong about what happened!

If you think we misrepresented something, please send Bete Noire or TavernWench a kmail or forum PM and we will look into it. Please include any backup information you may have.

What if you are missing something really important?

Again, send a kmail or Forum PM with information about what you think needs to be included.

Why do you refer to people as hearts, diamonds, etc?

There is a theory that RPG players fall into one of four categories. Each one named after a card suit.

Spades: Like to focus on mechanics of the game
Clubs: Prefer the combat
Diamonds: Are more focused on Items and leaderboards
Hearts: Care more about interaction with others

How do I know which one I am?

Megrimlock made a lovely KoL focused test you can try.: The BarKoL Test