KoL Clan Histories

The KoL clan histories are an attempt to fill in a perceived gap in the semi-official History of Loathing. While the History of Loathing is largely an official history, taken mainly from Jick’s documents and concentrating on gameplay and programming changes, the Clan Histories, it is hoped, will serve to illuminate some of the social history of the game. In other words, this is history based around institutions and people, whose contributions to the game may not be apparent in the official history.

In the constant effort to improve the scope and accuracy of this page, any changes or contributions to the entries here may be forwarded to Chubbles (#79514), either through the KoL forum messages or through K-mail.

Completed Clan Histories

Church Of Reset
Crazen Markay's Madmen
Elite Ones
Head Clan
Homestar Freaks
KOL Addicts
Order Of Old School Players
Proving a Point
The Goddess's Knights
The Ninja Turtles
Tricky Tricky
W00t Angels

Special thanks to the following contributors: (asterisks denote exceptional contributions)
Aflubadubdub!: Jimbowong, ThugGurl/Twiddles, the entire clan (via the clan forums)
[AzN]:TheBub*, Scyld
Church Of Reset: Havoc Jack
Crazen Markay's Madmen: Charbroiled*, the entire clan
Elite Ones: Chufta*
Head Clan: Centilabis*
Homestar Freaks: Lacey
KOL Addicts: Biggreensupreme
Order of Old School: Tudlow/HudsonHawk
Otori: Ashamalee
Proving A Point: HotStuff*
Rivendell: Belgarion*
The Goddess's Knights: J1mmy, mat, Abberation94 (#260338), meta_hyper_ism
The Ninja Turtles: Agarciaz20*, stringbeans, kinky_sex_mace
Tricky Tricky: TheBub, steve, Spikey
w00t Angels: Blaze123, Black_Death_1/snviper, jet_the_prince*